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I have vivid memories as a child of the bright primary colours on the playground that I grew up playing on. I genuinely loved being so carefree and playing for the sake of having fun.

Through my ceramics, I am revisiting the theme of play which inspires the choice of colours with the balls and pegs to create a playing object. I find pleasure while making and am inspired by the endless possibilities using fundamental elements and slips on a thrown, handheld form.

Creating these playful objects motivates me to explore the ideas of boundaries, repetition, and permission. These pieces translates the pleasure I feel through to the audience while giving myself permission to play.

The tactility of the material along with the repetition and sound of raw clay present in my pieces adds another level of stimulation for the viewer. The bright colours draws the attention of the viewer visually, followed by the sound element which activates the feel-good hormones that reminds me of the happiness and euphoric feelings I experienced as a child. The colours along with the sound allows the audience to reinvent their own boundaries and to play imaginatively.

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