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One on its Own or Together as a Whole


Brianne Siu is a Vancouver-based ceramic artist finishing her four-month residency at Nanaimo Ceramic Arts Studio and Gallery. "One on its Own or Together as a Whole" is Brianne's solo exhibition featuring new work centred on themes of play, repetition and colour exploration. Brianne creates handmade slip-cast ceramics with coloured clay and textured slips to add a playful interchangeable quality to her functional pieces.  


To expand her skillset, she created a new set of moulds from her previous residency at Medalta's International Artist-in-Residence program. Thankfully, this opportunity in Nanaimo allowed her to use the new moulds effectively to create a body of work focused on functionality. Nanaimo Ceramic Arts is a business-focused residency with owner and mentor Bronwyn Arundel. Brianne believes that it is an excellent opportunity to develop her functional work and learn how to successfully run her own small business.  


Although only living in Nanaimo for a short time, Brianne felt a sense of community from the moment she started her residency. Mirroring the title of this exhibition, this wonderful space has many individual artists coming together to form this wonderful clay community at Nanaimo Ceramic Arts. 'One on its Own or Together as a Whole' may be an exhibition signalling the end of her residency, but Brianne believes that this is just a continuation of the development of her work for the future.

Virtual Exhibition Link: Click Me!

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